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5 best apps for horse owners

As a horse owner and enthusiast, you may not have realized there was an app for that, but there is! Actually there are so many equine-related apps available that we decided to not bombard you with all of them at once. These 5 Apps for Horse Owners are available on iTunes, stay tuned for our list of Android apps available on Google Play.

Hay Price Calc - by Regents of the University of Minnesota.

Calculate hay by price per ton. The app helps hay buyers choose the most cost effective bundle when purchasing hay.

Cost: $0.99, for both iPhone and iPad (Android versions in development).

Healthy Horse - by Regents of the University of Minnesota.

Horse owners can estimate the body weight of their horse for the purposes of feeding management and medication dosage. App users can choose from 5 different horse types and after entering the horse’s height, girth circumference, body length and neck circumference the app will estimate body weight.

Cost: $1.99, for both iPhone and iPad.

Horse Keeper – by Dance the Tide Development.
A truly comprehensive app for horse owners. Horse Keeper allows you to store all the details of your horse’s health as well as contact information for equine health providers, reminders when your horse is do for a service. The app also syncs with other other app users to allow other family members to update the app as well. Data can be backed up and shared with others via email.

Cost: $4.99, for both iPhone5 and iPad.

PocketStable– by RoadApple Applications.

With PocketStable, users can easily track their horse’s vaccination records, farrier visits, equine dentist appointments, worming schedules and even your horse’s birthday. Store this information as well as, important phone numbers and insurance information all in once place.

Cost: $1.99, for both iPhone and iPad

Horsemanship – Equestrian Lessons– by Elaine Heney.

This app is the first in a series of equestrian training apps and offers more than just riding tips, it also provides a deeper understanding of horses. This app is a portable guide book for new horse owners.

Cost: $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad.

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