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The greatest moments of Olympic equestrian events

The greatest moments of Olympic equestrian events

While the medal presentations are always a highlight there are sometimes events that occur, or horses and riders that go beyond the expectations.

1. Reiner Klimke
Well known legend of classical dressage Reiner Klimke holds the record for the most medals won in an Olympic equestrian event. Klimke has competed in both Olympic eventing and dressage, but it was in the dressage competitions that he began his Olympic medal collection. Riding for West Germany, he won team gold in 1964, 1968 riding Dux, 1976 riding Mehmed, 1984 and 1988 riding Ahlerich, and the individual gold in 1984 again on Ahlerich.

2. Firsts For Women Riders
Danish dressage rider Lis Hartel was the first women to compete in Olympic equestrian events in 1952. Hartel, despite being paralysed from the knees down due to polio, took home a silver medal. In 1956 Liselott Linsenhoff earned a bronze medal riding Adular and the team silver medal. Linsenhoff made history again in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics as a member of the gold medal individual dressage team. In the 1972 Munich Olympcs Linsenhoff again earned an individual gold and a team silver medal riding Piaff.

3.William Roycroft
In the 1960 Rome Olympics William Roycroft rode for the Austrialian eventing team. The team were doing well when Roycroft and his horse took a tumble on the cross country course. Roycroft was injured and airlifted to hospital, dashing the hopes of the Australian team. Determined not to let his team down Roycroft discharged himself from hospital. With one arm in a sling he was lifted onto his horse to ride a clear round, leading the Australian team to a gold medal.

Stoller is the only pony to have competed in the Olympics. Stroller was a 14.2 HH Connemara Pony, Thoroughbred cross. Not only did this diminutive equine athlete compete, but with his owner/rider Marion Mould (nee Coakes) brought home a individual show jumping silver medal from the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico. He jumped one of the only two clear rounds in the final competition.


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