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Samsonite pet carriers

Samsonite makes some of the most durable bags on Earth. If you're travelling with a pet, you want to make sure their carrier is just that -- durable. And comfortable, of course. I have one of these bags, and have had it for several years, and I absolutely love everything about it. So does my cat.
Unfortunately, some Samsonite Pet Carrier models are hard to find nowadays, but if you search for them you can usually find a perfectly good, brand new but perhaps discontinued, model. Two of the three here take a bit of tracking down, but the last one seems pretty easy to find. I think they are all of them worth it, as I would suspect anything from Samsonite would be.

Samsonite Pet Backpack
This is the bag I have, and while Samsonite doesn't appear to be manufacturing this one anymore, but I'm including it because it's a fabulous bag and you can still find them on eBay and places like that.
I used this bag to fly my cat in-cabin, so yes, it conforms to airline regs, and it will fit in front of your seat on the plane. Err, no, it won't fit under, but no carrier could possibly fit under your seat unless, maybe if you're flying First Class. The Flight attendants were happy with where it was, so don't worry about that. Also, it's a very heavy-duty bag, and it's really not that light, so if you plan to fly your pet in-cabin with it, make sure you weigh your pet while they are in the bag, to make sure they are in weight range.
I bought the bag because it's a backpack. It's not the most comfy backback in the world because of the triangular shape, but it's doable, and my cat doesn't seem to mind laying at slightly odd angle while on my back, so I guess that's not an issue either. It does have a regular handle if you want to carry like a normal bag, and it has a shoulder strap. There's also a nice, deep exterior pocket you can fit a pet passport and documents in, and the mesh side has a roll-down flap if your cat prefers not looking out. I've had mine since 2002 and it looks brand new, I love it.
Cost: $69

Samsonite Luxury Pet Stroller
This is another one you might have to eBay, but it would be worth tracking down. As you can see it's made of the same durable materials the backpack is made of, but instead of being a packback, it's designed to wheeled around like those nifty little carry-ons everyone has these days.
These, too, can be used in-cabin and you can fit them in front of your seat. They're very convenient if you're travelling light and don't have a million other things to tote around. If you're moving, I recommend the backpack.
Cost: $110   

Samsonite Pet Carrier Stroller
This one is still pretty easy to find, so I assume Samsonite is still making them. I suspect the other two models were discontinued due to how expensive they are. This one is considerably cheaper in comparison to the other stroller, so I suppose it sold better.
It's obviously not as heavy-duty as the others, but it's still a Samsonite, which makes it likely to be better quality than most of the other brands you'd find. It's mesh, very lightweight, and, of course, approved for in-cabin flights.
Cost: $60



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