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Famous Miracle Cats

Famous Miracle Cats

These famous cats have such inspirational stories that some people say God has performed miracles through them. Here are are some of the most famous miracle cats in history:

1. Oscar
Oscar, who serves as a therapy cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island, has shown a miraculous ability to predict when patients there will die soon. When he senses that a certain patient is approaching death, he walks into that patient's room and then lies down in bed with him or her. The patients whom Oscar keeps company in their beds usually die within several hours, and Oscar quietly leaves the room afterward.

Since Oscar is remarkably accurate (within several years, he predicted the deaths of more than 50 patients), the nursing home now calls the families of patients with whom they discover Oscar sleeping to notify them that their loved ones may be dying soon.

Medical professionals who have investigated Oscar's abilities theorize that Oscar may somehow be able to smell ketones (the biological chemicals released by dying cells) or be attracted to dying patients by their lack of movement (although most of the nursing home patients in the ward where he serves are inactive), but they wonder why it's important to Oscar to be with dying people. Some people think that Oscar may be able to see angels who escort dying people into the afterlife, because he insists on staying until the actual deaths occur and then leaves with reverence. Oscar becomes upset if family members put him out of the room near the moment of death; he meows and paces back and forth by the patient's door to be let inside if that happens.

2. Room 8
A cat who faithfully visited the children of Elysian Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles, California was named Room 8, after the classroom he visited most often in the school. Miraculously, Room 8 showed up every day that school was in session from 1952 to his death in 1968 to keep the students company and eat lunch with them in the school's cafeteria. He would appear at the start each of school day and leave at the end. No one knew where Room 8 spent evenings, school holidays, and summers -- the times when school was closed -- but students and staff assumed that he lived in the hills nearby the school during that time. During the last few years of his life, after Room 8's health declined, a family who lived across the street from the school adopted him but still allowed him to spend every school day with the students.

3. Unsinkable Sam
A cat by the name of Sam got the nickname Unsinkable Sam for miraculously surviving the wrecks of three different ships during World War 2. Unsinkable Sam served as the ship's cat for the German ship Bismark, which sunk after a battle. Then the cat entered the British Royal Navy, where he served as the ship's cat for the ships HMS Cossack (which wrecked and had to be abandoned after many crew members died in an explosion) andHMS Ark Royal (which sunk).

4. Chase No Face
Chase No Face is a therapy cat whose face was severely disfigured when she was hit by a car while she was a kitten. One of her legs also had to be amputated after the accident. After being adopted by one of the veterinary technicians who treated her, Chase No Face began visiting hospitals and schools to encourage people who are dealing with their own disfiguring injuries. People have said that the cat's ability to help people emotionally heal from their traumas is miraculous.

When the Keesling family's home in New Castle, Indiana filled with carbon monoxide fumes one night in 2007, their pet cat Winnie miraculously saved their lives, they reported. Winnie jumped on Erick and Cathy Keesling's bed, and kept meowing loudly and nudging Cathy's ear until she woke up -- just in time for her, her husband, and their 14-year-old son Michael to escape the deadly fumes. The family had begun to be poisoned by the fumes but recovered after medical treatment.

After a librarian found a kitten abandoned in the book drop of the Spencer Public Library in Iowa, she named him Dewey Readmore Books (Dewey for short, after the Dewey decimal system of filing library books). Dewey lived at the library for 19 years, visiting with many people there. His personality was so affectionate that word spread about this library cat whom people said had the ability to make anyone feel miraculously loved. Over the years, people traveled to Iowa from all over the United States and even other nations to visit Dewey at the library. Dewey, who lived among books, became the subject of several popular books, starting in 2008 with the publication of Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.

Inspiring Humans
The stories of these cats continue to inspire people to discover more about how cats and humans can work together in mutually beneficial ways.

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