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Treating a runny nose in your pet rabbit

Treating a runny nose in your pet rabbit

While a rabbit runny nose might seem to suggest he has come down with a cold like humans, the most likely cause is actually a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory system. The infection is sometimes called the snuffles.

Dealing with the Snuffles
No one wants to see their pet bunny rabbits suffering with a runny nose or sneezing, which are the two main symptoms of this condition. The best thing to do is take the rabbit to a veterinarian who can do a culture on the nasal discharge to determine the type of bacteria causing the problem. Your veterinarian will probably give you a prescription for antibiotics that will cure the infection.

This rabbit illness can also worsen if it is not treated. The bacteria could cause a more dangerous lower respiratory tract infection that can make breathing difficult for your rabbit. If the bacteria get into the bunny’s blood stream it can also cause a life-threatening infection. Don’t assume a rabbit runny nose is as harmless as the human cold.

Helping Your Bunny Breathe Easier
Bunnies aren’t like humans. They don’t have the option of effectively breathing through their mouths when their nasal passages are congested. Part of caring for rabbits is also helping them breathe easier when they have a condition like this one.

First, you can gently suck out some of the congestion from the rabbit’s nose using an ear syringe made for removing build-up from inside a child’s ears. Another option is to give your rabbit small doses of human antihistamines that will reduce the swelling and inflammation that make it hard for him to breathe. Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about the proper dosage for your rabbit’s size.

These two methods can make your pet feel much better and will help reduce the rabbit runny nose problem, too.

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