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Cleaning your pet bird's cage

Cleaning your pet bird's cage

It is important to clean out your bird’s cage thoroughly, and on a regular basis. Throughout the cleaning process ensure you are checking for signs of unusual feces colour or mites.

Step 1: Place bird in a safe spot – this can be a travel cage, second cage, or if the bird is trained (and you are watching), on a free standing perch.

Step 2: Remove bowls, water bottles and any other food containers and place them in hot water or dish washer (if dish washer safe). Bowls that are used for fresh food should be removed and cleaned daily to prevent bug infestations.

Step 3: Remove toys and inspect for damage, anything that is potentially harmful for your bird should be removed or repaired. Toys that are able to cleaned, such as hard toys, should be cleaned with hot water.

Step 4: Remove perches.   

Stone perches can be soaked in hot water and scrubbed with a cleaning brush to remove feces

Rope perches can also be soaked, but will need extra drying time.

Wood perches should have minimal water usage when cleaning to prevent wood break down and warping. More drying time is also required.

Step 5: Once the cage is removed of all accessories, pull out the drop tray (bedding tray) and remove product that is kept for maintaining droppings. Clean drop tray thoroughly with either hot water, diluted bleach or bird safe cleaning solutions. Use a scrub brush and water scrub down bars to remove stuck on food and feces. Important: Birds are sensitive to cleaning solutions and even small amounts ingested can cause health problems over time.

Step 6: Weather and space permitting, the cage can be taken outside and be sprayed with a hose, pressure washer or steam cleaner.

Step 7: Allow cage to dry. If available, use sunlight as it will help disinfect the cage.

Step 8: When reassembling the cage it is a good idea to either change the toys, or move them to different locations in the cage in order to alleviate boredom and prevent vices such as plucking or over preening.



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