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7 must-have gadgets for dogs' parents

There are people who have dogs and then there are dog people — anyone acquainted with the latter group knows the distinction to be a valid one. Regardless of which category you fall into, properly caring for our beloved pooches takes considerable time and effort. These seven gadgets will help streamline canine care in your household.

1. Lishinu Hands-Free Dog Leash ($45) 
With this convenient leash, you can walk your dog, call your mom, and carry a bag of groceries all at the same time, effectively knocking out all those unexciting evening chores in one fell swoop. With simple hand movements, you can easily maintain control of your pooch, and the auto-locking mechanism removes the need for any buttons. Buy it at Fancy.

2. Power Pet Door (from $299) 
This high-tech doggie door is controlled by a tiny ultrasonic collar. The motor-operated door quietly powers upward as your pet approaches, so it's a good choice for nervous dogs who might refuse to actually push open the door themselves. Made of bulletproof resin, it's impenetrable to intruders and stray animals, and because it slides up and down rather than swinging out, the closure is air-tight and totally weatherproof. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Cooling dog bed ($59)
With summer around the corner, perhaps you're experiencing flashbacks to last July — constantly tripping over your pup who's splayed out in the middle of the kitchen, trying to stay cool on the hardwood floors. Simply fill this bed with water, and you'll be able to keep Lucky and his ceaseless panting more comfortable and confined to his place. It's a win-win. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker ($65) 
If your dog is an aspiring escape artist, theTagg GPS pet tracker is a must. Receive email or text alerts anytime your little Monster wriggles out of the backyard fence, and use the interactive map within Tagg's free app to track him directly. As an added bonus, the collar attachment also logs your pet's daily exercise. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Dual Doggie Pet Leash ($35)
This is for the double doggie households out there. Now you can walk both pups simultaneously without constantly untangling them from one another. The rotating socket design completely prevents the two leashes from ever crossing each other. This particular leash is only recommended for dogs up to 35 pounds, but perhaps that's for the best — otherwise your double team of pooches would probably end up walking you. Buy it at Amazon.

6. Dog backpack (from $79) 
A great option for small breeds or senior dogs, this hands-free carrier by Ruffit will ensure you never have to leave your canine companion behind again. While you hike, run, bike, or do some less ambitious activity like eat an ice cream cone, the front-facing backpack's close proximity to your body will keep your pup feeling extra safe. Buy it at Ruffit.

7. Dyson Groom ($69)
Dyson vacuums have always had a reputation for being particularly effective in the battle against pet hair, but with the new Groom attachment, you can stop shedding at its source. Compatible with most Dyson machines, the tool removes loose hair from your dog in fewer strokes than regular brushing, and sucks it right into the vacuum, before it has a chance to spread all over the living room — or you. Buy it at Dyson.


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