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Travelling with your hamster

Transporting your hamster in a travel carrier will be necessary if you have a vet appointment, a child's show and tell, or are moving to a neighboring city. There are a few things to remember while transporting a hamster that will make the ride safer and easier for you and your pet.

Hamster Travel Carriers
Pick a type of container that your hamster won't readily chew through. A cardboard shoe box is commonly used but by the time you and your hamster reach your destination there are typically empty boxes or large holes from chewing that you hamster can easily escape from. There are great travel carriers for hamsters available for purchase or you can make your own using a small, lidded plastic container with holes poked in it. Old margarine tubs, coffee containers, and inexpensive plastic storage containers can all easily be converted into a hamster travel carrier as well and you can even let your child customize it with stickers and craft supplies.
Just be sure to poke small holes in them first. Many people also use their hamster balls to transport their hamsters but make sure the ball is secure in the car and remember that liquids like urine will spill out of it.

Ventilation During Travel
Don't underestimate the squeeze power of a hamster. They can fit through some tiny spaces so if their head can go through it, they'll probably find a way to squeeze their body through as well. This having been said, don't put your hamster in a box that has big holes in it. Try to keep the holes the size of a pencil-top eraser. Also, be sure there are several of these small holes around the container so your hamster can breathe easy on their trip and have proper ventilation.

Temperature During Travel
Don't leave your hamster unattended in the car on a very hot or cold day. Also, heat up a cold car that has been sitting outside on a cold day or turn the air-conditioning on in a hot car on a hot day. Try to avoid drastic temperature changes and use common sense. If you think it is hot or cold then your hamster will to. 

Bedding in Your Travel Carrier
Provide a comfy ride for your hamster. Shredded paper towels, recycled paper bedding likeCarefresh, or another soft substrate will be the best choices during the car ride. They will absorb any wastes created on the ride and allow your pet to burrow and hide to help relieve stress on the journey.

Chew Toys for Traveling
Provide a small amount of your hamster's food, a treat to munch on, or a chew toy in case your hamster wants to nibble on something during the ride. This will also deter him from chewing on the travel carrier and help take his mind off of traveling.


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