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Top High Tech Products for your pet

Top High Tech Products for your pet

There are so many high-tech pet gadgets, safety products, toys and other innovative devices currently on the market that it boggles the mind.
I have had the pleasure of writing about a number of such pet products that make life better for pets and the people who love them.
Below are some of my favorites.

Tagg GPS Tracker
While there were other GPS pet trackers on the market when this was launched, Tagg took the concept several steps further via its lightweight, water-resistant design, and it can be used with an existing collar.
This enables pet parents to track their critters' movements from a computer or mobile device, alerting them if a pet strays from a designated Tagg zone via text or e-mail so that they can locate their pets in real time.
This also has a trip button feature, which suppresses the alerts when people take their pets on car trips, walks, etc.
This is an excellent product that has earned its kudos.

Motorola Scout 1 Wi-Fi Video Pet Monitor Camera
This is another very cool high-tech pet product that is similar to a baby monitor. The monitor is a video device that enables people to keep tabs on their pets while at or away from home.
For home use, one can monitor pets while they are in a yard or other parts of the home.
Meanwhile, pet parents can check on pets and interact with them when they are away from home via a WiFi Video Pet Monitor that is initially set up through a mobile device such as a Smartphone or iPad, enabling them to see, hear and speak to their pets via a computer or other device. 
This affords greater peace of mind for pet parents who spend a lot of time away from home.

High Tech Pet Toys
Pet toys have really come a long way in recent times, with a number of very cool items on the market. Two of my favorites are the FroliCat interactive kitty toys from Radio Systems Corporation, and iFetch.
The former is a line of toys that automatically flick out and retract strings, shoot lasers and rotate hide and seek electronic mice, all of which drive felines wild with joy.
The latter is a cool dog toy that shoots balls from an electronic cannon that dogs can retrieve and place back into a funnel atop the device for hours of fun.
FroliCat won several product awards during the 2012 SuperZoo pet trade show, while iFetch scored the Best in Show honor at the 2013 SuperZoo. 
Another interesting high-tech pet toy is the Hear Doggy! line of sturdy squeaky toys that contain ultrasonic sound mechanisms that only dogs can detect, eliminating the annoyance factor for humans.
My doggie cousin/canine correspondent, Knightly, gave this line an enthusiastic two paws up.

First Alert Bark Genie
Although my canine correspondent didn't like this product because it scared him, this is an interesting device.
The company makes two devices: a handheld model that can be used during dog walks and a device that can be placed on a surface in a home to deter indoor barking.
The latter emits an ultrasonic sound with a 50-foot range whenever dogs bark.
Despite his "ruff" review, Knightly's humans reported that it did actually stop him from barking incessantly, and may be more suitable for young puppies who are more trainable and not yet set in their ways, as opposed to grownup dogs.

Wireless Mapping Fence
This is a great item from PetSafe that I wrote about in my article Top Dog Safety Products.
Although invisible dog fences have been on the market for quite some time, this product is unique in that it doesn't require the burial of underground wires.
Pet parents merely station flags in the ground around a designated area in which they want their pets to remain, then can monitor their pets via electronic warning signals the flags emit when the pets stray from the safety zone, as transmitted from a special Receiver Collar. 
This is a very versatile, hassle-free product that takes the concept of invisible fences to a new level.

Some Other Cool High Tech Pet Products
Pet DVD Videos: Connecticut-based Pet Acoustics has come out with a line of videos for pets that contain music and visuals that positively affect pet behavior.
Pet Massage Devices: The Silver Tails Infrared Massager delivers heat and massage motion, which is especially great for older pets that have joint issues such as arthritis.
Illuminated Pet Collars: As I pointed out in my article Pet Products Trends, pet collars that light up are very popular mainly due to the enhanced safety factor. This is one sector that will continue to grow, and you will see many more innovative products on the market.  



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