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Why do dogs like to roll around in the mud?

When we take our dogs out for a walk, whether it is in the park or in the yard, they never miss an opportunity to roll around in the mud. Why do our four-legged friends do that?

Hunting instinct

Dogs have retained some aspects of behaviors of their wild ancestors. Like wolves (their closest relatives), dogs need to be camouflaged when they are hunting prey. Therefore, by smearing themselves with dirt or other foul-smelling substances, they mask their own smell.


Wallowing in the mud, especially in cool places, helps the dog to cool off in hot weather. The mud can be cool, and when a dog wallows in it, it helps him to lower his body temperature.


When a dog rolls around in the mud, it leaves its own unique smell. So he marks the territory. When other dogs come to this place, they will recognize who owns it and smell your dog on it.

Unique smell

People make their dogs’ lives more difficult by bathing them with perfumed soap (even if products are suitable for animals). Smells that are ‘dirty’ and ‘gross’ for humans are actually a dog’s unique ‘ID‘, so to speak.


For many dogs, mud wallowing can be an enjoyable physical and sensory experience. They enjoy smells and sensations. A dog's sense of smell is not the same as a human's. Cow dung may be more pleasant for your dog than fancy perfume for a human.

If you notice that the dog is wallowing in the mud, there is no need to scold or punish the animal. Because if he does this, then such behavior is purely instinctive. However, if you have patience, you can train your dog to avoid mud baths.

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