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Five stories about phantom pets

Do animals have spirits? Do they also become ghosts after they die as many people believe about humans? Perhaps yes. There are many instances, where humans have experienced or felt their pets, better to say apparition of them, long after they have gone to their heavenly abode. It is believed that owners with strong bond with their pets, who suffered great loss after their sudden death, are often approached by ghosts of their pets to remind them that they are alright wherever they are and not to worry about them. It can be a made up story and hypothetical theory, no one knows. Also there are many contradictory questions to it like can only animal pets return as ghosts or if even insects like mosquitoes can come back as phantom animals from the afterlife. Below is a countdown of stories that make you twitch in your seats and leave you baffled. Have a look.

This is story about a pet ferret, which had to be put down by the owner because of serious illness. Ozzy used to live in the owners grandmother’s house with another pet cat and both were best buddies. After the ferret’s demise, her grandmother started experiencing certain unexpected activities. She claims that every night she felt something climbing under her covers, near her feet. She even tried keeping the night lights on, stripping the bed covers, suspecting it can be mice, but nothing turned up. Also she noticed the cat’s behavior change as if it was playing with Ozzy, as it used to when the ferret was alive. Though her grandmother’s can’t see anything but she is convinced that their pet is still around them and comes to sleep right next to her feet every night.

This story might not be easy to believe so does every other ghost story unless it is scary. This begins when the owner’s pet died unexpected death while being treated for some illness which it suffered from past three months. The owner was quite attached to the dog and was devastated on hearing the news of his pet dog. Sad and not able to get over this tragedy, one night he went to bed and woke up out of his body. He sat up and looked around to find his dog’s twin sister sleeping at his feet. The room turned dark and he saw his dog, Bandit against his leg, looking at him. Though he didn’t feel scared but certainly he was taken aback. Bandit looked healthy, fresh and wagged its tail continuously. It jumped down and ran off in distance looking back at his owner and wagging his tail. He then woke up suddenly but the out-of-body experience was so realistic that he made a dash to his brother’s room and told him about it. The dog carried a message to his owner as to not worry for it and that he is happy now.

In one of the cases the owner’s daughter suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since she was 12. Due to this she was in discomfort most of the time. But the strange part was that from the past couple of years she had been telling her mother that a ghost visited her and sat on her bed when she really felt sad. She claimed that it always sat right next to her feet and the mattress would depress right there when it would sit. Suddenly a realization dawned upon her mother who was dead sure now that it was their cat Andy, whom they had lost couple of years back. How? Well, Andy, when alive used to follow the same routine when her daughter would have been sad before.

Not satisfied with the above stories? How about a ghost cat lurking around in Washington D.C? Demon D.C is the name given to the cat that haunts the government buildings in Washington D.C. The story behind it begins when cats were brought in the basement tunnel of the building to get rid of the rat menace. As the legend goes, there is a black cat ghost that is seen before and after the presidential elections in Washington D.C. It was spotted by the White House guards, the night before John F. Kennedy’s and Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The cat is said enlarge to the size of a tiger and even pounce on its victim and disappear in mid air. In an incident in 1890, one of the guards had fired at it while the other got a heart after seeing it, though it vanished.

Calley had a pet cat called Princy, which was seven human years when it had died few years back. This story is about two curious friends who played with Ouija Board one night. Dangerous as it is, they tried with the game and started asking question to the spirits like, ‘What is your name?’ and ‘How old were you when you died?’ The thing that frightened them was when the board replied that its name was Princy and it is seven years old. After finishing off the game, strange things started happening day by day. Calley heard moans of cat, the same she had heard when Princy was dying. Often she would here purring sounds in the basement which would often scare her. All this continued for some time but eventually dropped to nothing. Calley thinks it was Princy’s way of saying goodbye to her owner.

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