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10 things to remember about discus fish

Discus fish care is a much talked about subject, especially given the popularity of these fish. Here are some top tips you need to remember when taking care of these fun and beautiful freshwater tropical fish.

  1. Tank Size – Remember that discus love deep tanks that hold a lot of water. Try to get the largest permitted by your space and budget. You need a depth of at least 18 inches.
  2. Number – Although usually peace-loving fish, the discus can get into some problems when kept in smaller groups. To keep the tank in harmony, you should make it a home for at least six of these fish.
  3. Tropical Fish Food – Commercial fish flakes are a good choice for about half of the fish’s diet but you should supplement it with brine shrimp or blood worms for the other half of the diet.
  4. Paired Matches – Get a couple of young fish who are not related and allow them to become a mating pair on their own for the best results when it comes to discus fish breeding.
  5. Temperature – The water in the tank should be kept at between 80 an 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is closest to what they would experience in their native habitat in the Amazon River.
  6. Water Quality – You need to keep the water quality as high as possible. Nitrate levels should be kept to no more than 20 ppm.
  7. Filtration Systems – Another critical part of discus fish care is maintaining an adequate filtration system on the tank. These fish get pretty messy so you’ll need a good filter to keep the tank clean.
  8. Avoid Discus Fish Diseases – Many common diseases that affect freshwater fish are going to be a problem for discus, too. Keeping the water quality high and making sure the pH levels stay stable is the best way to prevent these problems.
  9. Decorate the Tank – Adding plants, rocks, and other decorations to the tank is another part of discus fish care. These fish enjoy being able to hide behind these decorations.
  10. Buy High Quality – While you can find discus fish for sale in lots of places, you should only purchase from a quality breeder to ensure you get the healthiest fish possible for your aquarium.

When it comes to discus fish care, the tips above will help keep your aquarium full of happy and healthy fish.

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