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Modern luxury for your Fido

What happens when you get a bunch of fancy furniture designers out of Los Angeles to design a room for Fido? Well, apparently you get the MDK9 Dog Haus.

To hear the design firm tell it – the inspiration for this comfortable looking den came out of a frustration with the quality and look of all the others on the market. No one at the Southern California-based firm could see themselves actually putting a big plastic crate in their home and being happy about it. So, instead of sitting around and complaining, Rah : Design set out to design what looks like a miniature modern home for dogs.

The dog house is designed with a definite mid-century modern influence, yet retains all the comforts a dog needs. No detail is left unconsidered: an overhang for shade, a built in dog feeder, metal mesh to let air flow through and built on a slab of concrete, it has wheels to move around.

To top off the nice materials (Brazilian teak, powder coated steel, and concrete) and stylish look of the house, the designers collaborated with Modern House Numbers for a name plaque and Jax & Bones for the house’s ultimate touch – a luxe memory foam pillow.
Prices for this dog house are set at $3,650. Sadly, name plates and beddings don’t come with it.


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