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Feng Shui Tanks

Feng Shui Tanks

Feng shui aquariums are a beautiful and potent feng shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and abundance. Placed right, and taken care of wisely, an aquarium will amplify the energy in any home or office and attract more wealth Chi.

Aquariums are auspicious because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth attracting feng shui factors, as well as a perfect balance of all 5 feng shui elements:

Feng shui Water element (the water in aquarium)
Feng shui Wood element (the plants in aquarium)
Feng shui Metal element (in the aquarium structure)
Feng shui Earth element (the small rocks and gravel at the bottom of aquarium)
Feng shui Fire element (the bright colors of the fish, as well as the aquarium lighting).

The best area to place your feng shui aquarium is in the Southeast bagua area (the feng shuiWealth and Abundance area) followed by North area (Career) or East (Health and Family.)

Never place an aquarium in your bedroom, or in your kitchen, as this brings unwanted feng shui energies to these two areas.
In other words, an aquarium is bad feng shui for your bedroom and your kitchen.

The most famous feng shui wealth fish is the arowana, or dragon fish, and the purest arowanas are known to command quite high fees. However, the koi, or gold fish, are just as effective, as well as a pleasure to look at. Go for 8 or 9 fish, one of them being black.

Be sure the shape of the aquarium works with the feng shui element of the area you are placing it. For example:
If you place your aquarium in your money area, which is governed by the wood element, you can go for a square shape aquarium (it's the earth feng shui element shape) or a rectangular one (the wood feng shui element shape.)

If you like the round shape more (metal feng shui element shape), then choose an aquarium of a smaller size because a strong presence of a metal element shape might be too strong for the wood element of your money area.

For a feng shui aquarium in the North bagua area of your space, best to go for a round shape, which is the shape of the metal feng shui element (it nourishes the water element of the North bagua area).

As with any feng shui cure, be sure to keep it fresh, keep it beautiful, send it good energy/good thoughts and do not forget to take good care of it!

Your feng shui aquarium will only work effectively as a potent feng shui wealth cure if the water is clean and oxygenated, the fish are happy and healthy, the plants are vibrant green and the lighting is good.

Spending some time with your aquarium, enjoying it and taking good care of it, as well as being clear of its feng shui role will strengthen its energy as a feng shui wealth cure.


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