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Middle-sized parrots

Middle-sized parrots

Parrots are extremely captivating creatures, beautiful and intelligent, and capable of providing unsurpassed levels of companionship for pet owners. However, many who are interested in these amazing birds don't realize that just because a bird is a parrot, it doesn't mean that it's a very large animal like a Macaw, Cockatoo, or Amazon parrot. There are plenty of small to medium sized parrot species that are just as fascinating as their larger counterparts, and they too can make excellent pets. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular medium sized parrot species, and what it's like to live with one in your home.

Quaker Parrots
Also known as Quaker Parakeets, and Monk Parakeets, the Quaker Parrot is a medium sized bird hailing from South America. These little guys reach about 12 inches in length when you measure them from beak to tail, and they make excellent pets for the right owners. Quaker Parrots are excellent talkers and many will learn to say quite a few words. This makes them a very popular species, but be sure to check your local laws before adopting one -- many states in the US have made it illegal to keep Quaker Parrots, because if they get out into the environment they can cause problems for native birds in terms of stealing food and nesting space.

Conures are impressive little birds that can range in size from as small as 8 inches on to 13 inches plus, depending on the species. Some of the more popular types of Conures, such as the Sun Conure and Jenday Conure, are extremely bright and colorful birds with very sweet dispositions when hand-tamed. There are many types of Conures to choose from, so if you are interested in the prospect of keeping one, be sure to do plenty of research to make sure that you seek out the right type for you. While they are all magnificent birds, they do have individual traits that make some better suited to certain lifestyles than others.

Senegal Parrots
The intelligent and popular Senegal Parrot comes from the woodlands of Western Africa, and reaches a size of about 10 inches long when fully mature. Senegal Parrots make excellent pets that bond strongly with their owners, so if you become interested in adopting one, make sure that you have several hours each day that you can devote to playing, socializing, and spending time with your bird. Those who are seeking a quieter bird may look to the Senegal Parrot -- while they are certainly capable of being quite loud, many Senegal Parrot owners claim that their birds are generally more soft-spoken than other parrot species.

Rainbow Lorikeets
One of the most eye-catching medium sized parrots available are the beautiful and entertainingRainbox Lorikeets. Originating in Australia and Indonesia, these birds, unlike other types of parrots, have an extremely specialized diet -- when they are in the wild, they feed almost exclusively on pollen and nectar. In fact, a close look at their tongues shows an array of bristle-like structures that help them obtain the pollen from flowers. Attention must be paid to their dietary needs in captivity, so consider this when thinking about whether or not a Rainbow Lorikeet is the right bird for you. 

The cool and colorful Caiques normally reach between 9 and 10 inches in length including the tailfeathers. Hailing from the Amazon rainforest, they are playful birds who love to explore and need plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy and fit. Like many other parrots, they have a relatively long lifespan -- well-cared for Caiques can live for up to 20 years or more -- so it's important to make sure that you are ready to commit that type of time to a bird before bringing one home.



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