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Candy on the trees!

«Candy can grow on trees!» — the first that comes to mind when you see these cute creatures. The candy cane snail, scientifically known as Virgin Liguus, attracts attention with its unusual coloring, which looks like a favorite children's treat.

This unusual creature is a land snail that breathes air and lives in trees. It can only be found in the wild on one particular island in the Caribbean — Hispaniola.

What do candy cane snails look like?

The shells of the «lollipops» can be painted with stripes of various colors. The main color of the shell is always light (white or beige). This coloring resembles sweet candies on a stick, hence their unusual nickname.

As the snail ages, more candy cane stripes are added to the shell, which can help scientists and experts determine the age of the specimen.

As well as being brightly colored this species of snail is quite large. Their shell can reach a length of 3 to 6 cm.

What does the candy cane snail eat?

Younger individuals tend to start with the lichen on the leaves first. Adults gradually move to the branches and trunk. Snails also eat mushrooms and moss.

How long do candy cane snails live?

It is not known exactly how long these snails can live. They are so hard to find in nature, especially now that they are endangered. Some experts believe that «candies» can live from three to five years.

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