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Together is better: how to make a cat and a dog get along

It is ideal situation when you decide to have a kitten and a puppy at the same time. From early age, they get used to each other, make friends and even sleep on the same couch. But what to do if you have already one pet in the house?

Friendship between a dog and a cat is possible, but the owner have to properly organize their communication and distribute attention between them.

There are no specific dog breeds that are ready to be friends with cats by default. But a lot also depends on the breed characteristics. Calm dogs get along with cats much faster.

Consider a few steps that will help make friends a cat and a dog in the same house.

1. Gradual acquaintance. Start introducing the cat and dog little by little. At first, place them in different rooms with the door closed so they can get to know each other's scents. Then, gradually increase the time they spend together under your supervision.

2. Positive associations. Create positive associations in both animals. Give them the opportunity to see each other, but in a safe and controlled situation. Feed them close to each other so that they associate the presence of another animal with something pleasant.

3. Divide attention. Give each animal individual attention and time. This will give them confidence and help them not feel abandoned.

4. Safety zone. Create separate areas for your cat and dog where they can rest and feel safe. For a cat, this can be a high rack or shelf, and for a dog — a place with his bed or rug.

5. Gradual increase time which they spend together. Slowly increase the amount of time your cat and dog spend together without your constant presence. Watch their interaction and react to any signs of tension or aggression.

6. Stock up on time and patience. In order to make friends a cat and a dog in the same apartment can take a lot of time and patience. But with the right approach and gradual acquaintance, they can become best friends over time.

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