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Who are the fainting goats?

Fainting, or scientifically, myotonic goats first appeared in America in the late nineteenth century. What is this rare species of animal?

Such a strange name fainting goats got for a reason. A distinctive feature of these goats is a rare genetic disease - myotoma congenita. Because of it the goats periodically fall into a stupor. They experience complete paralysis of the muscles when they face with slightest fright, anxiety or surprise. The animal cannot move and stay, so the goat simply falls on its side or back, stretching its legs.

The animal is briefly unconscious — on average 10-20 seconds. During the "fainting" the goat does not lose consciousness, understands everything, but does not feel pain. After regaining consciousness, it continues to move without any consequences.

The weight of this rare species of goat is almost half higher than the weight of their common counterparts. Large muscle mass appears not only because of the myotome, but also because of their calm temperament, which does not allow goats to move much.

Myotonic goats are considered one of the most valuable specimens in the world of wildlife. And this is not only because of their excellent meat. For several decades, these animals were used as guards for a herd of sheep. The shepherds took them to graze with the sheep and used them in a rather ruthless way. When the sheep were in danger and the herd was attacked by coyotes or wolves, they simply scattered around, and the poor fainting goat fell into a stupor. As a result, predators attacked her, forgetting about the sheeps. So the whole flock was saved.

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