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New Zealand Kennel Club

New Zealand Kennel Club

The New Zealand Kennel Club was established in 1886. It exists primarily as an organisation of dog owners which gives it collective bargaining power and a single voice to Government, the general public and other interest groups on behalf of dog breeders, dog owners, Kennel Clubs and other associated societies in the canine world.

It maintains a database which traces the genealogy and pedigree of New Zealand Dogs as well as progression of sports associated with Canines. (Breed Clubs, Obedience, Agility, Working Trials, (Eukanuba) Canine Good Citizen™, New Zealand Young Kennel Club and others).

The New Zealand Kennel Club has a proud heritage and strives to supply a high quality and on time service.

The New Zealand Kennel Club is a progressive organisation that embraces technology, innovation and the principles of continuous improvement.

From its inception in 1886, the New Zealand Kennel Club was an association of societies and still is today.

They now have over 300 societies affiliated to, associated with and recognised by the NZKC. These are classified by status and by the activity they carry out.

Affiliated clubs must be All Breeds Show clubs, geographically based and well established. They are the NZKL's senior clubs and have a direct vote at conference.

There are several types of Associated clubs:

  1. Show Clubs - new All Breeds Clubs or other All Breeds Clubs which do not qualify for Affiliated status. Group Clubs, Multi breed Clubs (more than one breed but not all breeds in one group), Specialist Breed Clubs (one breed only).
  2. Obedience Clubs - All Breed Clubs (geographically based and catering for all breeds), and other types of Obedience Clubs.
  3. Combined Show and Obedience Clubs - Specialist breed Clubs who are also registered under Dog Training regulations to be obedience clubs.
  4. Agility Clubs - either Associated Obedience Clubs that have been approved to conduct agility training or specialising Agility Clubs that cater for Agility only.

Recognised Clubs are either clubs which cater for minority breeds, newly formed clubs or clubs that do not cater show or Dog Training.

In 1976, the NZKC introduced a second membership concept to their club, introducing individual membership. This meant that before individuals could do certain things they must also belong directly to the New Zealand Kennel Club.

Individuals must be a member of the New Zealand Kennel Club to:

  • Register a dog with the New Zealand Kennel Club
  • Register or renew a Kennel Name
  • Enter a dog at a Championship or Open Show or hand a dog at any Championship or Open Obedience Test or any Agility Event
  • Be a New Zealand Kennel Club Judge
  • Be a delegate to the Annual Conference
  • Be a member of the Executive Council
  • Hold executive office in any Affiliated or Associated Society

Club members are directly bound to observe the Rules and Regulation of the Club and are personally subject to the Club’s disciplinary provisions. They are also liable for the indiscretions of the handlers of any of their dogs.

Note: An individual does not need to be a member of the New Zealand Kennel Club to:

  • Own a dog, including a dog used at stud
  • Handle a dog in the breed show ring (however, owners must be members)
  • Hold a non-executive post in a club.

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