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Australian National Kennel Council

Australian National Kennel Council

The Australian National Kennel Council Ltd (ANKC Ltd) is the peak body in Australia responsible for promoting breeding, showing, trialling, obedience, and other canine-related activities and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs by individuals across Australia. It was formed in Sydney in 1949.




In Australia, the ANKC does not deal directly with the public, rather, for all matters pertaining to the world of purebred dogs, individuals must go through the representative canine councils of their states. The canine councils are as follows:

  • Australian Capital Territory Canine Association Inc (Dogs ACT)
  • Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd (Dogs NSW)
  • North Australian Canine Association Inc (Dogs NT)
  • Canine Control Council (Queensland) (Dogs Qld)
  • South Australia Canine Association Inc (Dogs SA)
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (Dogs Tas)
  • Victorian Canine Association Inc (Dogs Vic)
  • Canine Association of Western Australia Inc (Dogs West)

There can be no doubt that the Australian National Kennel Council Limited has developed co-operation between the 8 Controlling Bodies and made a large contribution towards improving dog showing, breeding and other canine activities in Australia.

The ANKC website:

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