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Affen Spaniel

History of occurrence

This particular hybrid has become more popular in the last ten years though he is still hard to find. He was bred when it became a trend to put two pure breeds together that otherwise have not been seen before and specifics of when and where that happened are not really known. In order to understand the kind of dog you get with an Affen Spaniel it helps to know a little about the parent breeds though which way he leans towards can vary.

General form

The Affen Spaniel is a mix of two lovely companion dogs the Cocker Spaniel and the Affenpinscher. He is a small to medium sized dog with a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years. He is classed as a Herding dog and as a Companion dog. He is bright and dedicated to his owners which makes him easy to train. This dedication though means re-homing him if current owners change their minds can be hard on him emotionally so make sure you are one hundred per cent sure before choosing him!

Отличительная особенность породы Affen Spaniel


His head is round and he has a short muzzle that can be pushed back a bit with round small eyes. His teeth meet in a scissor bite and his ears can be either flopped over hanging down or folded over at the top.


His body is small but well formed and sturdy, they are well toned not fat.


His tail varies depending on which way he leans in his parentage, a long tapered tail that is thicker at the base or it can be more like a Spaniels, stubby like. The Affen Spaniel usually holds his tail upwards or straight out.


The coat of the Affen Spaniel is medium haired and the hairs on the head are short. In general it can be said that they have curly coats. There may be the silken feathered hairs on the ears, legs and the belly. Colors that are typical include light brown, black, salt and pepper, golden, gray, dark brown, chocolate.


These dogs are intelligent and friendly and make very good family pets for the most part. They are loving, playful and have a strong protective instinct. That instinct means they will bark to alert you to strangers, but may not stop straight away! They bond very closely with their owners so re-homing can be harder. They can be clownish and love to spend time with people being very social. His eagerness to please and intelligence mean he is easy to train.

Maintenance care

He needs regular grooming to keep his coat healthy and looking good but being a smaller dog that is not going to take long. Once a day give him a brush with a stiff bristle brush to remove loose hairs and prevent matting. When bathing use a dog shampoo rather than a people one as dogs have natural protective oils in their coats and that would strip them. If you want you could also have him taken care of at a groomers once a month to check on his coat and take care of things like nail clipping and trimming the hair on the pads of his feet and around his ears. Otherwise you need to keep his teeth clean, his nails trimmed (carefully) and his ears cleaned. Try to check him over when you groom him so that you spot any early signs if something is not right. He is good for families with allergies being as hypo-allergenic as a dog can be. They are very social dogs so get on well with other dogs and other pets. Because of their size it may be necessary to supervise young children with them for the sake of the dog not the child! Teach your children how to interact with dogs and things that are a big no no such as pulling tails. Affen Spaniels get on well with children aside from this. Socialization and training can ensure things go even smoother though. This is not a hybrid best suited for the cold so if you live where there is extreme cold winters this is not a good puppy for you. They can live as companions in apartments or with families in houses though with their tendency to yap and bark check that the noise is not a problem. If you train him from a young age and include a 'quiet' command in there this should be easy enough to control. They do not have to have access to a yard but obviously any dog would be happy to have it. Just watch them as if they see something to chase they will be off and they do not back down from challenges no matter what the animal or his size. They are good and loving and very intelligent but still sometimes have trouble with house training so you may have to deal with more pee accidents. Crating or pads are a good idea. They have an alert nature though so will bark if a stranger approaches or if something is amiss. Be sure this dog is the one you want before you give him a home. As mentioned his loyalty to his owners is complete and being rejected can take him longer than some dogs to get over.


There are no known major health issues for the Affen Spaniel as of yet but he is fairly new and rare still so time may change that. In terms of minor health problems Elbow Dysplasia is one thing to have come up. There may be others as both the Cocker and the Affenpinscher have heath conditions they are more prone to which may be something the Affen Spaniel displays further down the time line.
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