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Best 10 Apps for cat owners

 Any cat owner will tell you that a dangling string or feather can catch their cat’s attention almost instantly. Cats are very curious creatures and continue to surprise us with their intelligence. We’ve already gone over the best apps for dog owners, so here is a list of the best smartphone apps for our feline friends out there!

Pocket Pond—Get your cat in the hunting spirit with this interactive pond filled with fish, rippling water, and dragonflies! Design your own pond and take care of the fish to make it fun for the both of you. Free for iPhone and Android. 

Cat Fishing—Feed your cats’ senses with this interactive game! Use your paw (or finger) to catch the fish swimming in the ocean. Can you catch the fish quicker than your kitty? Free for iPhone and Android.  

Catbook—Cats are already taking over the internet, why not let your cat participate in its own social community? Over one million cat lovers share photos, make friends, and update statuses to this online social network for cats.Free for iPhone.

PetSnap—Are you having trouble taking photos of your kitty? This app is great for both cats and dogs and has 32 sounds that are designed to capture your pets’ attention! Other features include the ability to zoom and the option to add photo frames. $1.99 for iPhone.

Paint for Cats—An app that brings out the creativity in your kitty! Your cat simply chases the mouse on the screen and creates a masterpiece while doing so. You can even share your cat’s paintings to Facebook to share the artwork with your friends. $1.99 for iPhone. 

Dosecast—A medication reminder designed for both humans and pets that allows you to compile lists of medication that include details such as dosages, photos and other specifics (take with food, etc.) and set reminder for each. For those with pets on strict medication schedules, this app could be very helpful! Free for iPhone and Android.

Catgame—Does your cat have an obsession with laser pointers? This app allows you to sit back and watch your cat play with a little red dot bouncing around your smartphone screen. Catgame is a great alternative for cats that wildly knock over everything in their path in attempt to “catch” the traditional laser pointer light. Free for iPhone and Android.

Paw Me Lite—A truly unique app designed with options for humans to play against their cats, cats to play against their kitty friends, or humans to play against other humans. Paw Me has animated backgrounds, natural sounds, and ways to make the game interesting with a variety of levels or player specifics (such as multiplayer or single player). Free for iPhone or Android.

Cat Clicker Training—Interested in training your cat using the highly successful clicker training method? This app gives step-by-step instructions to make training easier. $0.99 for iPhone.

Kittyo—This Kickstarter funded product is more than just an app; it allows you to interact with your cat while you are away. Kittyo lets you record video, control a laser pointer, dispense treats, and speak to your feline friend via remote, from anywhere that has WiFi. This newly released product will be ready to ship by early 2015. The app is free for iPhone and Android and the actual product cost is $179 (preorder).

These apps will help you find new ways to entertain, train, and keep up with your feline friends’ social status. If your cat doesn’t seem interested right away, try using your fingers to show how the games work. Ease your cat into these apps to help them get comfortable and engaged. Also, try turning off the lights or use a tablet to help them focus on the game.


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