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Treating a rabbit from eye infection

Treating a rabbit from eye infection

If your rabbit develops an eye infection, there’s no need to panic. Rabbit eye infection treatment doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Symptoms of eye infection include puss in and/or around the eyes, bleeding or swelling in the eye region, excessive tearing, and rabbit hair loss around the eye sockets. There are several things that can cause an infection in your rabbit’s eyes, some much more dangerous than others. Rabbit conjunctivitis and bacterial infections are two very common causes, and most vets will recommend antibiotics. While it is true that treating the infection as soon as possible is necessary to avoid complications as serious as encephalitis, there are some home remedies you can try before resorting to prescription meds. Here is a simple rabbit eye infection home treatment that you can administer using over the counter items and even ingredients that you may already have on hand at home:

  1. Boil some turmeric powder in water to create a natural anesthetic and clean the eye area thoroughly with it.
  2. Squeeze the gel from fresh aloe vera leaves and massage it into the area of rabbit eye infection. Let the gel dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  3. Prepare a mixture of one part betadine to one part cortisone and spread over the regions that show hair loss. Continue this treatment daily until the hair grows back.
  4. Rabbit eye infection can also be cured with a mild solution of tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic that has been proven to kill microbial infections. Check with your vet before using this remedy. 

As with any type of pet, caring for rabbits is a big responsibility. When your furry friend gets sick, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. If you see the signs of eye infection, don’t worry. While it is always necessary to first consult with a veterinarian to determine what, exactly, is the cause of rabbit eye problems, rest assured that they can always be treated, and most often in a simple and painless manner.

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