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Choosing a bed for your kitty

Do you have a hard time sleeping because your pet cat cuddles up next to you at the slightest pretext? Yes, it is a loving relationship, but it could also be because your cat is not comfortable sleeping in its designated bed. Cats are lazy and they could sleep away 15 hours of the day. If your feline friend is not taking those naps, then you ought to take a second look at the current cat bed in use.
There are two points to consider when buying a cat bed comfort and safety. Your cat should feel comfortable in its bed and also feel secure. It’s not difficult to buy a bed keeping these two points in mind because the number of options is enormous.
An enclosed cat bed, for instance, is considered to be one of the most perfect beds for cats. There are many designer pods, a den-type environment, with a single opening and a warm and cozy interior. This type of bed is also known as the igloo bed and it is the most popular because it keeps your cat warm, something that is useful during winter. There are various customizations that you can do in this bed and your cat will love you for that.
If heating is a critical requirement, a radiator cat bed is something worth considering. This bed has a radiator underneath that provides the required warmth. It may not be completely natural as far as the sleeping environment of your cat is considered, but your cat is bound to feel comfortable and safe in this bed. The radiator is properly covered by fabric so that there is no way your cat gets burnt.
During summer, you may want to switch to a basket bed. This bed is completely open and offers a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Plenty of airflow ensures that your cat is comfortable on those hot summer days. When considering this type of bed, remember you need to clean it more often than the other two types of beds, this one being open.
Cats love action they love to hide, climb and scratch and so on. And these activities continue throughout the day. So, when you plan to buy a cat bed, it may be worthwhile looking at a complete package. So, you may consider a cat condo that consists of a bed and plenty of hiding spaces. Some of the condos also have climbers that your cat will love perching on.
If you move around a lot and carry your pet cat around, a cat tent could be your ideal companion. Cat tents have complete resting quarters for cats and they can be put up in the smallest of spaces. They are also portable and easy to clean and maintain.
When buying cat beds, consider an option where cleaning and maintenance is easy. And you also need to make sure that you stay within your budget. Some of the cat beds can be prohibitively expensive.
Consider these points about cat beds and you should have no issues finding just that right bed for your lovely pet.

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