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Cat Fanciers' Federation

Cat Fanciers' Federation

The Cat Fanciers Federation is a feline registry that is based in and serves the northeast United States. The CFF is the second oldest feline registry in the United States. They refer to themselves as "The Friendly Cat Club." People can participate in the club both through individual membership and through CFF clubs in their area.

The Cat Fanciers Federation currently recognizes thirty-two different breeds of pedigreed cats for showing. And in addition to the pedigreed cats divisions the CFF also offers a household pet class which consists of mixed cats, cats which look like a particular breed but don't have papers and pedigreed cats who don't meet the criteria for the breed because of kinked tail, wrong eye color or other disqualifying criteria. In addition, there is also an experimental and provisional class for new breeds of cats. These cats are allowed to be shown and judged but cannot be awarded.

In addition to the main registry club the Cat Fanciers Federation also offers CFF Clubs and Catteries by breed including Himalayan, Siamese, Shortails, Persians, Ragdolls and others. The CFF employs a wide range of judges including judges qualified for all breeds, specialty breeds and guest judges.

The CFF puts on approximately three to five shows per year and also does end of the year awards. End of the year awards include Champion Class, Kitten Class, Alter Class and Household Pet Class. They award twenty cats in each category.

The Cat Fanciers Foundation also works with cat rescues and other local organizations to promote education about cats in general. The shows help to finance the charitable efforts of the club.

The CFF offers a large range of services to its members beyond registration and shows. They also offer championship confirmations, three, four and five year generation pedigree certifications and even kitten sales listings. Membership to the Cat Fanciers Federation is $35 per year for the first family member and $10 per year for each additional family member.

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