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African bats are monsters that really exist!

The giant African bat, or hammerhead fruit bat as it is also known, has a fearsome appearance that looks more like a character from a horror movie than the harmless animal it really is.

The bat’s scientific label is Hypsignathus monstrosus, which implies its monster-like appearance. The head of this unusual creature is somewhat reminiscent of a dog.

The animal's wingspan averages about one meter, making it the largest bat in Africa. Interestingly, its body length averages only 20 centimeters.

Despite the "devilish" appearance, its behavior shows that there’s nothing aggressive or devilish about it. The bat has a calm and mild-mannered temperament. Nonetheless, it is a carrier for the Ebola virus, therefore, it would be prudent not to approach it and especially not to engage in contact. 

The giant bat lives in the tropical forests of Central Africa. Fruit bats usually congregate in roosts with fewer than five animals, although they have been observed to nest in colonies containing over 25 bats.

Their diet is entirely made up of fruit, which classifies them as frugivores. These creatures have a strong preference for figs, but they have also been seen to eat mangoes, guavas, and bananas. Due to a longer intestine than that found in insect-eating bats, hammer-headed bats are able to absorb more substantial amounts of protein from the fruit. 

Bats are easily stressed and difficult to keep in captivity. Therefore, these kind monsters are rarely seen in circuses or zoos.

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