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Yakutian Laika puppies (the last litter from these parents)

Yakutian Laika
Новосибирская область
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The Urgal-Suluz kennel, which has existed since 2006 (Polar Yamal has this lineages), offers the last litter of Yakutian Laika puppies from the only remaining parents with working qualities (Grom and Salikha).

Their mother gave birth to brown puppies for the first time in 2014 (photo on my Facebook profile). Puppies from this pair carry the gene for brown color, this can be explained by the results of the last 5 years (there are pictures of litters) and when breeders who took dogs from this pair began to get dogs of brown color. These puppies are future world champions. Suitable for dog show, and for breeding work, and wonderful pets, perfect for communicating even with small children.

2 girls, 2 boys (the masks are the same, but the genders, that is, if a brown male has a wide mask, then with a black and white color it is a girl, the same with a brown female). Price for black and white 1100 euros (1300$) with delivery to Moscow, FCI pedigree and veterinary passport. Price for browns 1500 euros (1740$) with delivery to Moscow, FCI pedigree and veterinary passport.

For more information, write to me on Facebook.

I will send a video with my mother. And I'll just make new videos.