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The English Angora Rabbit

Синонимы и названия на других языках

Angora Zwergkaninchen


Order: lagomorpha

Family: leporidae

Genus: oryctolagus

Species:  orictolagus cuniculus 


The first mention of the English Angora Rabbit dates back to the 18th century. First they appeared in Europe, and then were brought to America with merchant vessels. They were very popular as valuable presents. In the 20th century this breed was officially recognized. 

Внешний вид

English angora rabbits have various coloration: they can be snow-white, black or gray-blue. Their coat is very soft, thick and silky. 90-95% of their coat consists of fur hair. They have big heads and short ears, often with tufts at the ends. White rabbits have red eyes, coloured ones have dark eyes. An adult rabbit weighs 2.5-4 kg and their bodies can reach 43-47 cm in length. 


Like people, all the rabbits have different personalities, from very calm and peaceful specimens to aggressive ones. Among pure-bred rabbits there are very few aggressive animals, and it is a good stimuli to buy animals from reputable breeders.

Rabbits love playing fights, both with their specimens and with people. They are sociable animals and when your pet gets used to you, you will never be bored.

You can train your angora rabbit, bathe it, play ball with it etc. 

Содержание и уход

It is best to get a spacious metal cage where the rabbit will feel comfortable. You should put in the cage a house which your pet can use as a shelter. Also the rabbit will need some bedding, a food bowl and a hay rack. For bedding you can use fine straw or wood cuttings. Try to clean the cage as often as possible: dirt is very bad for the rabbit’s coat and can lead to diseases. Groom your rabbit once a week:  brush its coat carefully with dog comb so that there are no hair knots. But in a pet store a special kit for cutting the rabbit’s claws and cut them when they get too long. The frequency will depend on the rabbit’s environment: some of them only walk on the floor while others run on cement and grind their claws. 


The menu of angora rabbit should contain fresh green leaves, vegetables and fruit, meat and bone tankage, seeds and grains. Also you should give them feed compound with the high amount of protein. 


Sometimes owners let the rabbit roam outside the cage for a while or even let it live “freely” permanently. It is not right, since rabbit’s love for chewing different objects can literally kill the animal. For example, the rabbit can gnaw through electrical wires and die. Ruined furniture will not make the owner happy either. Of course, you should let the rabbit walk around, but under careful observation. 


In order to protect your pet from lethal diseases, you should vaccinate it. Normally rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis and Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease.

Rabbits, like cats, tend to groom themselves, so they can get hairballs in their stomach that will prevent them from eliminating. If you notice that your rabbit produce very little feces, you should visit the vet. 

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