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Классификация по федерациям

Federation Internationale Feline World Cat Federation

История возникновения

A natural turkish breed. Not unlike turkish Vans, Anatolians have emerged spontaneously in the Van lake's locale. For ages there was a misconception stating that these felines were brought from Egypt, while actually they have inhabited Eastern Anatolia since the times immemorial, and were also spotted in warmer surrounding territories, including modern Iran, Iraq, Caucasus, and even Armenia and south of Russia, where they would be domesticated and become wild once again. It is thought that modern Anatolians have inherited the “wild-type” genes. These cats were first shown to the public on a cat show in 1995, Germany, and were bred ever after under WCF's patronage. Other organisations don't admit them as a breed, claiming that they are actually shorthair Vans. The breed is widely spread in it's natural habitat in Turkey, and is oftenly seen in Germany, Holland and Greece. In Russia, however, it is still not so popular.

Общий вид

The Anatoli cat belongs to a rare and endangered breed. It should not be confused with the Turkish Van, which looks very similar to her.


Head: blunt triangle of medium length. Profile almost straight; strong chin.

Ears: large, wide at base with slightly rounded tips. Set rather high, straight and upright on the head.

Eyes: large, oval and set slightly oblique; eye colour to be uniform and harmonizing with coat colour.


The neck and chest are massive and solid.

Body is muscular with a medium heavy bone structure.


The legs have medium length.

The paws are round.


The tail is of medium length and well furnished.


Coat: the coat is short and without woolly undercoat. It has a fine texture, but is harsher to touch.

Colour: the colours chocolate and cinnamon, as well as their dilution (lilac and fawn) are not recognized in any combinations (bicolour, tricolour, tabby). The pointed pattern is also not recognized. All other colours and patterns are recognized.




Weight — 2.5-4.5 kg.


Your most conspicuous trait is probably her love for water. She is playing and splashing around in it like a few of their fellows. In addition, the Anatoli Cat is an excellent hunter and has a remarkably strong bounce.

The Anatoli cat is considered to be friendly and affectionate, but you have to deal with it from an early age much to it enough to get used to dealing with people.

Содержание и уход

They need in the home entertainment plenty of room to romp and play.

Maintaining this cat's coat is a simple task, one should just regularly brush it with massage comb and give it a bath when needed..

These cats are fine when fed with good cat food, but if you want their rations to be all-natural - go for chicken, beef, boiled fish, chicken liver and eggs, dairy products. These cat's eat quite a bit for their size, but are not naturally prone to overeating.

Lifespan — 12-16 years.


Very intellectual.

Сложность содержания

The only problem is high price.


This is a very hardy breed that is not linked to any congenital health condition.

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