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Bohemian Rex

Классификация по федерациям

Federation Internationale Feline World Cat Federation

История возникновения

The Bohemian Rex cat (or Bohemia Rex) originated in the Czech Republic in 1994 (although this could be 1981 or even as early as 1971 - the 1994 date comes from Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians Fourth Ed.). The breed is also called the Czech Curly Cat for this reason. This is one of the lesser known Rex cats. 

Общий вид

It is thought that this cat originates from the German Rex, which apparently was crossed with Persian cats (probably to enhance or alter the body conformation or increase hair length - my guesses) and the German Rex mutated gene was carried by Persian cats imported into the Czech Republic.


Shape: Round, broad, smooth domed, with great breadth. Should be medium to large in size and in proportion to body. Jaws broad and powerful with perfect tooth occlusion. Cheeks should be full and prominent. Overall sweet expression.

Ears: Small and round tipped, not unduly open base. Set wide apart, fitting into contour of head.

Eyes: Large, round, and full. Set level and far apart giving a sweet expression to the face, eye color has equal importance to size and shape.

Chin: Strong, full, well-developed, fitting into the face.

Nose: Almost as broad as long with open nostrils. Muzzle should be short, broad and full.

Profile: Short, snub-nose, definite break directly between eyes. Forehead, nose and chin in straight line.


Neck: Short, thick, and wellmuscled.

Torso: Cobby, firm, well-rounded mid section, in proportion. Medium to large in size. Back short and level. The chest is to be deep; equally massive across the shoulders and rump with a short, well-rounded abdomen and ribs.

Boning: Heavy, sturdy and in proportion.

Musculature: Firm and welldeveloped, not overly fat.


Legs: Large bones, well-developed and with firm musculature. In front view, the forelegs should be short and straight from breadth of chest adding to sturdy appearance, not to have a bull dog appearance. When viewed from the rear, the legs should be straight.

Feet: Round and large


Short and rounded at the end. In proportion to body length.


Coat is curly.

Fur is soft as the hair strands are finer than usual.




Weigh — 5-7 kg.


Quiet and friendly.

Содержание и уход

Bohemian Rex does not require much grooming. In addition to regularly examining its ears and eyes for infections, requires only a weekly brushing with a bristle or fine comb to smooth its hair.

Need to be bathed frequently. Wrapping the cat in a towel immediately after bathing will make it easier to dry its hair.

Lifespan — 12-15 years.


Good with other animals and children.

Сложность содержания

Complicated coat care.


Although these cats are generally healthy, they are susceptible to certain hereditary diseases. One common disease is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – the most common cause of heart disease in cats. In cats who suffer from this condition, the ventricles’ walls become thick. However, the condition of thicker walls does not mean increased pumping power, but a weakened heart – simply because the affected heart wall becomes less elastic.

The early symptoms of this disease are indefinite and vague. Heart murmur and increased heart rate are common signs. Weight loss, an increased respiratory rate, and a decreased appetite might also be noted.

In order to treat this disease, the Bohemian Rex will need to have its heart relaxed through drug treatment, like ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium blockers, and diuretics.

Other common health problems for the Bohemian Rex are fleas, eye problems, and diarrhea. However, in general, this breed does not have health problems very often. Needless to say, as with all pets, every Bohemian Rex owner should expect such problems to occur as the cat gets older.

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