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Bambino cat

Классификация по федерациям

Federation Internationale Feline World Cat Federation

История возникновения

The first litter of Bambino kittens was registered in 2005. It was registered by TICA in 2005 as an experimental breed, Experimental Bambino, in 2006. "Bambino" means "baby" in Italian, as to the cats appearance of making it look like a kitten.

Общий вид

The Bambino has short legs it inherits from the Munchkin, and huge upright ears. It has the hairlessness of the Sphynx, with skin of white or pink. With no fur to absorb the cat's natural oils, the Bambino needs regular bathing with water and mild soap. The Bambino's hairless skin means that the cat is vulnerable to cold, strong sunshine and skin injury.


Head is a modified wedge with rounded lines, slightly longer than wide.

Cheekbones and whisker pads are very prominent.

Whiskers are sparse and short.

Chin is firm.

Eyes are large, rounded, and wide spaced.

Ears are large, set upright, neither too low nor too high.


Body is medium to long, with a broad chest and a well-rounded abdomen.

Boning is medium.


Legs are short.

The back legs can be slightly longer than the front legs.


Tail is whippy, in good proportion to the rest of the body.

Some Bambinos can have a "lion tail"—a puff of hair on the tail tip.


Although the Bambino cats are hairless, they are not maintenance free. Because the Bambino does not have fur to absorb the natural oils on their skin.


Kangaroo like.


Weight — 2.2-4 kg.


Bambino cats are friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. They love to be handled and cuddled up on the laps of their family members. They get along well with children other pets, provided that the kids are taught to treat the cat respectfully and proper introductions with the other pets are made. Travelling should not be a problem with this breed. Adaptable, these cats adjust to new environments very well.

Содержание и уход

Grooming: although the Bambino cats are hairless, they are not maintenance free. Because the Bambino does not have fur to absorb the natural oils on their skin, they require weekly bathing. Household dirt from your home will cling to this oil and it will look like your kitty has been outside playing in the sand box. Some Bambinos require more bathing than others. I suggest bathing once a week so they become adjusted to the bathing routine. After that, you will be able to determine the need of your kitten and how often he/she should be bathed. We start bathing the kittens weekly as early as at four weeks of age. So when your Bambino kitten arrives at your home they will have already had quite a few baths.
Do not use any Cat Soaps as those are designed for animals with fur. Use Soap that you would only use on your own baby’s skin. Be sure to check the water to make sure that it is not too cold or too hot. 
If you have a kitty that isn't very happy with their bath, try running the water before you bring your cat into the room where you are going to bath them so they are not afraid. Always be sure to keep one hand on them so they will feel secure.  Most Bambinos tolerate their baths very well and some really love it.

Nails: you will also need to clean and trim their toenails weekly. This is easily done with a regular baby wipe and you can purchase a small cat nail clipper. 

Ear Care: their ears need a weekly cleaning. It is easiest just after their bath when they are all wrapped up in their towel. To clean their ears I use a washcloth to wipe them out first. Then put a few drops of an ear cleaner in and massage the base of the ear. (I use Essentials Ear Cleaner for Cats) This will loosen the dirt so it is easier to get out. Then use a cotton swab to remove any dirt that you can visibly see. Never go beyond what you can see because you can cause damage if you go to far down the ear canal. 

Lifespan — 12-15 years.


Good with children, good with household cats and dogs, none shedding, high sociability with strangers.

Сложность содержания

It needs to be protected from environmental factors due to the lack of hair and its short legs.

It lacks an insulating coat and is sensitive to cold and needs to be kept warm especially on cold winter days.


The Bambino is generally a robust and healthy cat, but they are prone to the genetic heart condition Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) which is seen in the Sphynx.

You will need to vaccinate your cat or kitten against the common feline infectious diseases.  De-worm your cat regularly.

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