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Minuet ( Napoleon)

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История возникновения

The Minuet shares its history with the Persian that has been a part of the cat fancy from its beginnings in the late 19th century and with the modern Munchkin whose roots go back to 1983. Sandra Hockendal rescued a pregnant cat with short legs – some of her kittens did too and Sandra's Louisiana plantation became the base of a population of short legged cats that results from a dominant dwarfism gene. TICA recognized the Munchkin for registration status in 1994 and for Championship status, after years of careful monitoring for health, in May 2003.

In 1996, Joe Smith (Blueline cattery) started breeding Persians with Munchkins. Joe was a Basset Hound breeder, a low-slung breed of dog, and became intrigued with the Munchkin and its genetics. He wanted to create a breed that would have universal appeal whether the cat had the signature short legs or the longer legs of the non-standard version. Joe decided to call his breed the Minuet after the short-statured Minuet Bonaparte. The Persians used were the so-called doll faced Persians which had a longer nose than the modern Persian and a very open sweet expression. In 2001 Joe contacted TICA and the new breed was added to the list of Experimental breeds and by 2002 Joe had met the criteria for the next stage in development and the breed was advanced to Registration Only status. This important step recognized the name and started the breed on the first rung of the ladder towards championship status.

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to develop a new breed and there are often frustrations and heartaches along the way with both the development and the process to get a new breed accepted. In 2008, Joe moved on to other projects and other Minuet breeders picked up the torch to continue the drive towards full recognition. Sam Tate (Wonderfulkitty cattery) and Margie Gardner (Creators) continued to push the breed forward but it was not until Teri Harris (Munchkinlane) presented the breed to the TICA board in September 2011 that the Minuet got to the coveted next step of Preliminary New Breed and could begin showing in that class at shows effective May 2012.

Общий вид

The Minuet is a hybrid of the Persian Breed Group and the Munchkin Breed Group. The desired result is a cat that should be medium in size and strong, with noticeable boning and musculature. This cat should have a very open and round face with a sweet expression and large eyes that do not tear. The ideal Minuet is an active yet laid-back cat with a playful attitude.


Shape: round, broad, with well rounded contours when viewed from any angle. Cheeks moderately full, top head rounded but not domed.

Ears: medium with preference given to slightly smaller ears but not extreme. Rounded tips. Set wide apart.

Eyes: large and round, wide open but not protruding. No brow ridge. Deep brilliant eye color is preferred which conforms to coat color.

Chin: rounded and moderate

Muzzle: moderately short and broad with well rounded whisker pads.

Nose: moderately short, broad and with an obvious stop, but no break; not snub. Top of the nose leather should not come above the lower edge of the eye.

Profile: gentle curve to a moderate stop


Neck: head should blend into moderately short neck.

Torso: semi-cobby, well rounded. Straight top-line preferred, slight rise from the shoulders to tail is acceptable.

Boning: medium to substantial. In front, legs should be short and straight from the breadth of the chest adding to sturdy appearance.

Musculature: substantial, firm and noticeable on front legs.


Legs: short, well developed, firm musculature. Outer upper thigh boning and musculature may be thick and pronounced due to short legs. Inner leg straight with little to no bowing though slight bowing is acceptable.

Feet: rounded and neat, tufts on longhairs.


Tail: in proportion to body length or longer, not short. Long hairs should be plumed and flowing.


Length (MNT): short. Dense but slightly longer than other shorthairs; standing away from body.

Length (MNL): dense, full, allowing for seasonal variations.

Texture (MNT): plush, double coat preferred, all weather, not lying flat.

Texture (MNL): soft, slight undercoat gives the coat body but coat still falls smoothly. Not cottony. Possible curls on underbody.


Majestic and free.


Weight — 2 kg.


The Minuet is a gentle, extremely affectionate and people-oriented cat. They have the gentleness of a Persian and the energy and curiosity of the Munchkin. Their big eyes in their sweet faces give them a look of complete innocence while their inquisitiveness gets them into all kinds of scrapes. While gentle, they are also self-starting when it comes to activity and like the Munchkin can navigate the curves of their self-defined race-track for the day at breakneck speed.

Содержание и уход

The Minuet cat comes in both long-haired and short-haired varieties, and the latter, naturally, needs a bit more care. Napoleons shed less, but brush its coat once or twice a week to avoid matting. Keep an eye so that its nails do not overgrow. You can trim them once a month.

Lifespan — 15 years.


The Minuet is a gentle, extremely affectionate and people-oriented cat.

Сложность содержания

The Minuet cat comes in both long-haired and short-haired varieties, and the latter, naturally, needs a bit more care. Napoleons shed less, but brush its coat once or twice a week to avoid matting.


The Minuet cat has very few health issues, except for general feline issues like allergies, etc. However, since the Persian cat blood has been incorporated in this breed, only PKD negative tested Minuet cats should be used for breeding.

Also, the minuets that are suffering from common Persian cat issues like Stenosis (blockage) of Nasolacrimal Ducts, Epiphora (excessive eye tearing), matting prone coats, and flat facial features should be avoided for breeding purposes.

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