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Kohana Kat (Hawaiian Hairless)

Классификация по федерациям

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История возникновения

In 2002, the Hawaiian Hairless (or Kohana Kat) was reported. These cats were claimed to be the only completely hairless cats, since they lacked hair follicles and had a skin texture like rubber. The Hawaiian Hairless originated from a feral litter in Hawaii, and were allegedly due to a gene which masked out the dominant gene for full-coatedness. Unlike the other hairless breeds where the mutation affects the function of the hair follicles, this muttion allegedly caused the absence of hair follicles. There were other, unconfirmed, reports that it was the result of mating a Donskoy Sphynx to a Canadian Sphynx and the interaction of the 2 different genes. In 2010 it was confirmed by DNA analysis that the Kohana Kat had the same hairlessness mutation as the Sphynx, with other effects being due to other genes in the mix, and it was not a new mutation.  It suffered numerous health and reproductive issues preventing it being a viable breed. Also known as the Kohana Kat and extremely rare.

Общий вид

Body is solid, muscular.

They are totally bald and are absent of hair follicles.


Head is of medium size, tapered form.

Face is accurately shaped, with clearly seen cheekbones and chin. Cheeks and forehead covered with wrinkles.

Nose is straight.

Eyes are not large, almond-shaped.

Ears are large, deep, curved at the ends.


Body is solid, muscular.

Chest is wide.


Legs without nodes. Hind legs longer than front legs, this is the reason for the strange movements.


Curved and strained to the body.


They are totally bald and are absent of hair follicles.




Weight — 3-6 kg.


These cats require a lot of attention, otherwise they will be very upset.

Содержание и уход

Dental care is important for good health, since many diseases are linked to poor teeth care and gum disease. Bacteria and plaque can enter the bloodstream and rest of the body, leading to heart and kidney disease, mouth pain, poor eating, and tooth loss.

A dental cleaning also gives the veterinarian an opportunity to fully examine the cat’s mouth—an impossible task unless the cat has been sedated which happens during a dental cleaning.

Make sure your cat has some space of her own. She should have a soft, comfortable space that offers her a bit of privacy. This way, your cat can retreat when feeling overwhelmed, or have a relaxing place to sleep. Offer soft blankets or pillows so that your cat can have a warm place to snuggle.

Lifespan — 13-17 years.


Loyal to their owners. Not aggressive. Omnivorous.

Сложность содержания

Need a lot of attention.

React badly to staying alone.


Hawaiian Hairless is a healthy breed.

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