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Ukrainian Levkoy

Классификация по федерациям

Federation Internationale Feline World Cat Federation

История возникновения

In 2000, Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova, a Russian cat breeder, started work on developing a unique hairless cat. 

In order to create this cat, Ms Birjukova crossed a female Sphynx and a male cat with lob ears similar to the Scottish Fold cat.

She finally achieved her goal in 2004. 

The Levkoy cat was named after the Levkoy plant which is characterized by its bent leaves, much like the cats ears. 

In Russia this cat is also known as the Levkoj or Levkoi. The first Levkoy was nicknamed 'Levkoy Primero' - a name that seems to have stuck with the breed. 

The cat is recognized by the Russian and Ukrainian cat associations and it's a matter of time before it gains popularity in the West. 

Общий вид

The Levkoy is a graceful and elegant cat. It has a unique appearance, with the general look of the Sphynx and the lob ears of the Scottish Fold.


Head is 'wedge shaped' and it has prominent cheekbones. 


Body is muscular, but slender and medium to long.

Back slightly arced.

Neck is muscular.


Legs are fairly long and strong

Paws are oval shaped.

Toes are long.


The cat's tail is long and slender and in proportion to the body.


This 'hairless' cat is in fact covered in a fine down-like coat. Sparse hair is found on the paws, face, tail and testicles. 

The skin feels like chamois or a warm, fuzzy peach and the skin on the head, body and legs is very wrinkled. 

Some cats may present with patches of fur on their tails and legs.

All coat colours and patterns are recognized.




Height — 26-32 cm.

Weight — 4.5-7 kg.


Levkoy's are sweet tempered cats. They are lively, mischievous, loving, affectionate, playful and very loyal pets. 

They are quite vocal cats and certainly make themselves heard at dinnertime.

Содержание и уход

The Ukrainian Levkoy is an indoor cat as they are sensitive to extreme heat and cold.

To prevent boredom, create an indoor adventure zone for your companion. It should include cat gyms, toys, scratching towers and if possible an indoor garden full of non-toxic plants. 

This is a great cat for any family. Young children do need to be taught how to handle kittens and cats as most cats do not enjoy rough play.

The Levkoy gets on well with other cats and dogs.

Whilst the Levkoy cat is hairless (or has minimal hair), it is not a low maintenance cat breed! 

Its skin, like human skin, sweats and as result, daily sponging is recommended. A monthly bath is suggested. 

Nail clipping every 4- 6 weeks and weekly dental hygiene is needed. The paws, nail bed and in between the toes needs to be cleaned weekly.

Lifespan — 10-14 years.


Unpretentious, friendly and smart.

Сложность содержания

Additional nutrition is needed.


Its skin does need special care to avoid skin diseases and sunburn. 

The Levkoy cat is prone to gum disease and tooth decay, so regular dental check-ups are advised. 

It is too early to establish whether they have any hereditary / genetic diseases like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is found in the Sphynx.

We suggest that you speak to the breeder about any potential health problems.

Like all cats they do need to be vaccinated against infectious feline diseases and they need to be de-wormed regularly.

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