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Parrot crossbill


Клест-сосновик  (ру.)

Kiefernkreuzschnabel (de.)

Piquituerto lorito (es.)


Order — Passeriformes.

Family — Fringillidae.

Genus — Loxia.

Species — Loxia pytyopsittacus.


Parrot Crossbill Bird is resident but dispersive and occasionally irruptive, although less frequently than Common Crossbill. Parrot Crossbill Bird breeds in Scandinavia and eastwards, and is a scarce visitor to much of Britain, although it has recently been detected as being present and occasionally breeding in the Scottish Highlands. It favours coniferous forest, particularly of Scots Pine, and during irruptions may also occur in spruces. Irruptive birds may stay to breed in the areas that they reach.

Внешний вид

Length: 16-18 cm.

Weight: 50-62 g.

The largest of the crossbills. Difficult to distinguish from the slightly smaller Crossbill, though crossed bill appears larger and stronger.

Parrot Crossbills are best distinguished by the thicker shape of their bills, which have a wide and high base and curve with a parrot-beak-like profile and a robust lower mandible that bulges in the middle.

Plumage: Males have brick red plumage, females are yellowish green. Young birds are brownish grey with dark streaking all over their plumage. Birds in transitional plumage are only partially streaked and have patches of reddish or greenish plumage according to their gender.

Legs, beaks and irises are dark brown.


Pine seeds, also sometimes spruce seeds.


Listlessness, Regurgitation, Dyspnea, Weight Loss, Diarrhea, Coughing, Wheezing, Syncope: Iron Storage Disease and related entities - excessive accumulation of iron in the liver. Most of the affected birds with acute signs die.

Weightloss, Glucosuria, Hyperclyemia, Polyuria (excessive urination), Polydipsia: Idiopathic diabetes mellitus - probably dietary related.


 3–5 eggs laid January–March, incubated by female for 14–16 days. Female fed by male during incubation. Fledglings remain in nest for 25 days.

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